Bilateral Training with FES

Intuitive, simple, effective

Many stroke survivors suffer from a hemiparesis and are not able to open the impaired hand. Functional electrical stimulation with the MOTIONSTIM 8 makes it possible to open the weak hand by simply opening the strong one. A bend switch system detects the opening of the strong hand and sends a signal to the MOTIONSTIM 8, resulting in a stimulation that opens the weak hand. Combining bilateral training with FES by the use of a contralateral control was developed to provide an effective method to improve the recovery of hand function after a neurological impairment, e.g. stroke.

Additionally, this technique gives a lot of control to the patient. Stimulation timing and duration can be controlled conveniently by the movements of the strong hand. The patient only has to try to open both hands at the same time. This will lead to a stimulation supporting or enabling the opening of the weak hand, mirroring the movement of the strong one. As soon as the patient starts to relax the bend switch will detect the closing strong hand and pause the stimulation. All this happens intuitively with very little latency.