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Scoliosis refers to the lateral curvature of the spine with the rotation of the vertebrae around the vertical axis. Scoliosis develops during the growth spurts in children, usually not before they reach school age. It affects about 4% of girls and 3% of boys. In most cases (approx. 90%), it is not possible to ascertain any cause: this is so-called idiopathic scoliosis. The sooner scoliosis is diagnosed, the better and gentler the means of treatment.

With two stimulation channels and programs specifically designed for the noninvasive treatment of scoliosis the Scolistom 2 offers a comfortable method to strengthen the muscles of the back. The treatment happens at night while the user is sleeping leading to a high acceptance of this intervention.

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Constant-current, 2 channels, 1 - 70 mA per channel, Individually adjustable pulse and interval times, rise and fall times, nominal treatment values

Pulse shapes:  
Biphasic rectangular

Frequency: 10 - 99 Hz
Pulse width: 20 - 500 us
Power supply: 2 x 9 V batteries
Size: 133mm x 82mm x 30mm
Weight: 250g (without batteries)


  • Scoliosis

  • Kyphosis


  • Cardiac pacemaker

  • Pregnancy (after consultation with the treating physician)

  • Electrically operated implants (treatment possible after consultation with the manufacturer for implanted event recorders)

  • acute, regular, non-medicated epilepsy

  • acute skin infections

  • Tumors (not in the treatment area)

  • Thrombophlebitis (treatment on unaffected side possible)

  • Stimulation when operating dangerous devices

  • febrile infections

  • lack of patient compliance in domestic use

    Delivery ContentNumber
    Scolistim 2 stimulation unitG-1
    Cables (2 x 1.5m)ZK01
    Batteries (2 x 9V)ZB01
    Flextrode / Pals 4 x 6 cm oval (2 bags with 4 electrodes)ZE02
    Cables (1.5m)ZK01
    Batteries (9V)ZB01
    Flextrode / Pals 5 x 9 cm ovalZE01
    Flextrode / Pals 4 x 6 cm ovalZE02