Simplicity, reliability and robustness

The PARESESTIM is a one channel stimulator for the stimulation of 

One example is the treatment of peroneal nerve paralysis. A peripheral nerve lesion often prohibits the direct stimulation of the peroneal nerve with biphasic stimulation pulses. With long exponential pulses, the paralyzed muscle fibers can be trained and prepared for functional treatment with biphasic stimulation pulses as soon as the patient's condition improved. In the last stage of the treatment a foot switch can be used to allow functional electrical stimulation during walking.innervated and denervated muscles. Long exponential pulses are used to stimulate denervated muscles without the activation of innervated ones, making this device particularly useful in the treatment of peripheral nerve lesions.

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Constant-current, 1 channel, 1 - 60 mA per channel

Pulse shapes:  
Exponential pulse, biphasic rectangular (program 4, 250 us)

Frequency: 35 Hz (program 4)
Pulse width: 10 - 990 ms (250 us program 4)
External Switch: Footswitch
Power supply: 2 x 9 V batteries
Size: 133mm x 82mm x 30mm
Weight: 250g (without batteries)


  • Peripheral nerve lesion

  • Drop foot (peroneal nerve paralysis)

  • Polyneuropathy

  • Muscle atrophy


  • Cardiac pacemaker

  • Pregnancy (after consultation with the treating physician)

  • Electrically operated implants (treatment possible after consultation with the manufacturer for implanted event recorders)

  • acute, regular, non-medicated epilepsy

  • acute skin infections

  • Tumors (not in the treatment area)

  • Thrombophlebitis (treatment on unaffected side possible)

  • Stimulation when operating dangerous devices

  • febrile infections

  • lack of patient compliance in domestic use

    Delivery ContentNumber
    PARESESTIM stimulation unitG-7
    Cables (1 x 1.5m)ZK01
    Batteries (2 x 9V)ZB01
    Flextrode / Pals 4 x 6 cm oval (1 bag with 4 electrodes)ZE02
    Cables (1.5m)ZK01
    Batteries (9V)ZB01
    Footswitch singleZS01
    Flextrode / Pals 5 x 9 cm ovalZE01
    Flextrode / Pals 4 x 6 cm ovalZE02