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The MOTIONSTIM 8 is a versatile and freely programmable 8 channel stimulator designed for functional electrical stimulation (FES) as a supplemental therapy after impairments of the central nervous system (e.g. stroke or spinal cord injury). To achieve functional and orchestrated movements two stimulation channels are often not enough. With the MOTIONSTIM 8 multi-channel stimulator complex movement patterns like grasping an object or standing up can be achieved easily and the use of up to 8 stimulation channels allows an efficient treatment of muscle atrophy.

Sophisticated programs and innovative switch systems allow an intuitive control of the MOTIONSTIM 8, giving the user the possibility to be be in charge of the produced movement at any time for an effective compensation of motor impairments.

As a result of current and past projects, the MOTIONSTIM 8 can also be used for research activities with special modes of operation that enable the device to be completely controlled by a PC. For more information please contact us directly.

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Constant-current, 8 channels, 1 - 125 mA per channel, freely programmable pulse and interval times, rise and fall times, nominal treatment values

Pulse shapes:  
Biphasic rectangular

Frequency: 1 - 99 Hz (each channel individually)
Pulse width: 50 - 500 us
External Switch: Hand Switch, Foot Switch, Bend Switch System, Plate Switch System
Power supply: internal battery
Size: 186mm x 155mm x 38mm
Weight: approx. 550g (with battery)


  • Central-conditioned paralysis of the upper limb

  • Central-conditioned paralysis of the lower limb

  • Support for neuroplasticity after stroke with switches

  • High spinal cord injury

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Spasticity

  • Neurorthorthopathic disease

  • Muscle atrophy


  • Cardiac pacemaker

  • Pregnancy (after consultation with the treating physician)

  • Electrically operated implants (treatment possible after consultation with the manufacturer for implanted event recorders)

  • Acute, regular, non-medicated epilepsy

  • Acute skin infections

  • Tumors (not in the treatment area)

  • Thrombophlebitis (treatment on unaffected side possible)

  • Stimulation when operating dangerous devices

  • Febrile infections

  • Lack of patient compliance in domestic use

Delivery ContentNumber
MOTIONSTIM 8 stimulation unitG-7
Cables (8 x 1.5m, coloured)ZK02
Battery (built-in)ZB02
Flextrode / Pals 4 x 6 cm oval (8 bags with 4 electrodes)ZE02
Cables (8 x 1.5m, coloured)ZK02
Handswitch ZS04
Footswitch ZS14
Bend Switch (see bilateral training) ZS21
Plate Switch (see task-oriented training)ZS22
Flextrode / Pals 5 x 9 cm ovalZE01
Flextrode / Pals 4 x 6 cm ovalZE02
Flextrode / Pals 3.2 cm roundZE03