Simplicity, reliability and robustness

The MICROSTIM is a 2 channel stimulator designed for functional electrical stimulation (FES) as well as the treatment of muscle atrophy. The MICROSTIMs established design allows an easy and comfortable use in home environments.

Six programs that can be modified easily offer the possibility to adjust the treatment precisely to the patient’s needs. Stimulation programs can be controlled manually or run completely automatic for a reliably and easy application with parameters previoulsy determined by an expert.

A hand or foot switch can be utilized to trigger the stimulation. This enables the complete control of stimulation timing and duration.
Furthermore, functional applications for the upper and lower extremities are possible. This includes grasping and releasing of objects as well as the treatment of drop foot.

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Constant-current, 2 channels, 1 - 100 mA per channel, Individually adjustable pulse and interval times, rise and fall times, nominal treatment values

Pulse shapes:  
Biphasic, Monophasic, Triangular (Exponential)

Frequency: 1 - 99 Hz
Pulse width: 20 - 700 us (single pulse 1 - 50 ms)
External Switch: Handswitch, Footswitch
Power supply: 2 x 9 V batteries
Size: 133mm x 82mm x 30mm
Weight: 250g (without batteries)


  • Central-conditioned paralysis of the upper limb

  • Central-conditioned paralysis of the lower limb

  • Support for neuroplasticity after stroke with hand- and/or footswitch

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Spasticity

  • Neurorthorthopathic disease

  • Femoropatellar pain syndrome

  • Muscle atrophy


  • Cardiac pacemaker

  • Pregnancy (after consultation with the treating physician)

  • Electrically operated implants (treatment possible after consultation with the manufacturer for implanted event recorders)

  • Acute, regular, non-medicated epilepsy

  • Acute skin infections

  • Tumors (not in the treatment area)

  • Thrombophlebitis (treatment on unaffected side possible)

  • Stimulation when operating dangerous devices

  • Febrile infections

  • Lack of patient compliance in domestic use

Delivery ContentNumber
MICROSTIM stimulation unitG-3
Cables (2 x 1.5m)ZK01
Batteries (2 x 9V)ZB01
Flextrode / Pals 4 x 6 cm oval (2 bags with 4 electrodes)ZE02
Cables (1.5m)ZK01
Handswitch singleZS03
Handswitch doubleZS13
Footswitch singleZS01
Footswitch doubleZS02
Flextrode / Pals 5 x 9 cm ovalZE01
Flextrode / Pals 4 x 6 cm ovalZE02
Flextrode / Pals 3.2 cm roundZE03