Electrical stimulation - High quality in rehabilitation medicine

Future with tradition - Made in Germany

MEDEL has over 30 years of experience in the development and production of devices for electrical stimulation of nerves and muscles. Our devices are exclusively manufactured in Germany at our production facility in Hamburg.

In a long lasting cooperation with therapists all over Germany we made sure that our stimulators meet the very highest standards in regard to safety and usability. 

MOTIONSTIM 8: The MOTIONSTIM 8 is a versatile stimulator with 8 independend stimulation channels. The number of stimulation channels, intelligent and innovative programs and input for multiple switches make the MOTIONSTIM 8 to the perfect device for task-oriented functional electrical stimulation, especially for individuals with a central nerve lesion or spinal cord injury.

MICROSTIM: The MICROSTIM is a mobile stimulator with 2 stimulation channels. This device can be used for many applications, including muscle stimulation and therapy of central nerve lesions, due to its adjustable programs and switch inputs. A handy and robust design make the MICROSTIM simple to use and suited for both clinical and home environments.

PARESESTIM: The PARESESTIM is a one channel stimulator for the stimulation of innervated and denervated muscles. Long exponential pulses are used to stimulate denervated muscles without the activation of innervated ones, making this device particularly useful in the the treatment of peripheral nerve lesions.

SCOLISTIM 2: With two stimulation channels and programs specifically designed for the noninvasive treatment of scoliosis the Scolistim 2 offers a comfortable method to strengthen the muscles of the back. The treatment happens at night while the user is sleeping leading to a high acceptance of this intervention.