MoreGrasp is an interdisciplinary European research programme, funded by the H2020 framework.

The aim of the MoreGrasp project is to restore the grasp function in individuals with high spinal cord injury and a loss of function of arm and hand, using a thought-controlled grasp neuroprosthesis.

To accomplish that, we are developing a non-invasive, multi-adaptive, multimodal user interface including a brain-computer interface (BCI) for intuitive control of a semi-autonomous motor and sensory grasp neuroprosthesis. After successfully completing our training programme, the user should be able to carry out everyday movements with their hands.

You can find more information about the project, our partners and the technologies being developed at:

MoreGrasp Consortium: Graz University of Technology, Heidelberg University Hospital – SCI Center, University of Glasgow, BitBrain Technologies S.L., Know-Center, MEDEL.


Project duration: March 2015 – February 2018

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