Intuitive FES control

Dynamic Intensity Stimulation

Many stroke survivors suffer from a hemiparesis and are not able to move the impaired arm and to perform everyday tasks like grasping an object. Functional multi-channel stimulation can be used to make the lost movement possible. Dynamic Intensity Stimulation (DIS) gives the patient the control he needs to perform and control everyday movements.

The stimulation control can be provided by a bend sensor worn on a glove on the less affected side or by the knob of an intensity control unit.

EMG-triggered Electrical Stimulation

Another intuitive method of triggering electrostimulation is to use the remaining small myopotentials of the paralyzed muscle groups that occur when attempting to perform a movement. If an individual activity threshold is exceeded, a stimulation is triggered that enables the desired movement.  In comparison to dynamic controlled stimulation, EMG-triggered stimulation focuses on the patient's movement intention and less on controlling movement.

With KT Motion, both approaches can be combined in one application for the first time.