Task-Oriented Training with FES

Open, Grasp, Move, Release

Active patient participation in a functional context is a goal many interventions for hand rehabilitation have in common. So far it has been difficult to include functional electrical stimulation (FES) intuitively into complex tasks such as moving an object. A Newly developed plate switch system in conjunction with the MOTIONSTIM 8 allows applications of multi-channel FES that involve complex stimulation patterns without the need of artificially provided control signals. The patient can completely concentrate on his task to move an object from one point to another.

 Highly sensitive plate switches detect when an object is touched, grasped or laid down and elicit appropriate stimulation patterns that will cause the paralyzed hand to open and then to grasp, move and release an object. The patient is completely in control of training speed and not dependent on any kind of external commands. With this method the paralyzed hand can be actively trained in a functional goal-oriented manner, supporting the recovery of lost hand and arm function, thus offering a motivating, intuitive and effective treatment.